Company Establishment Consultancy


Company formation is the same as it applies to local investors. Accordingly, international investors can establish all types of companies specified in the Turkish Commercial Code through us.


Meet international standards of the Turkish Commercial Code, which encourages private equity and IPO activities, providing transparency in the management process and Turkey's business environment, offers an approach to corporate governance that aligns with the EU legislation and the EU accession process.

Turkey, along with reforms to improve the investment environment realized, was based on the ease of doing business and thus the company establishment, experienced bureaucracy removed, and procedure costs are also minimized.


Workplace Establishment Consultancy


In Turkey, according to Turkish Commercial Code, any company is free enterprise. Foreign nationals are also establishing a joint stock company or Limited Anatolia in Turkey Pass aracılığyl to be found in commercial activities.

We also offer real estate consultancy services to our foreign customers for both investment and residential purposes.


Foreign investors, the profits from the operations in Turkey, dividends, sales, liquidation and compensation, licensing, management, and similar agreements with foreign loans to be paid in exchange for sums will be able to freely transfer the principal and interest payments abroad.


Foreign Direct Investments are Supported.


Foreign direct investment, investors of the company by establishing branches in Turkey or abroad or are the investments that have been made for production in partnership with an existing company. Indirect investments made by purchasing stocks or bonds, such as portfolio investments, are not considered within this scope. So, who wants to make long-term and lasting investment in Turkey, business and foreign exchange risk in Turkey who would be able to benefit equally from the opportunities provided to domestic investors.


Tax and Labor Law Consultancy

Tax laws require expertise. We are aware that our customers often encounter some tax-related problems even when performing their daily transactions. We are aware of the difficulty of our customers focusing on their own activities while spending time on tax issues.


Tax laws are of course vital for our customers. They must be properly understood and interpreted. As Anatolia Pass Experts, most of whom are from the Ministry of Finance and competent in their field, we produce professional solutions for the most complex and challenging problems and situations with taxpayers.

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