Citizenship Through Real Estate


Many foreigners buying property in Turkey, both in themselves and their young family members 18 years of age can receive citizenship.

Recently, demand has increased Turkey's Turk from many countries with laws that regulate citizenship.

Especially Asian countries (Indonesia, Pakistan, India, China…) come first. In Turkey, with its population it has increased Odds section.

Please contact us about what needs to be done to become a citizen through investment.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship

First of all, the person who will become a citizen through investment should prepare the deed of the real estate and obtain a document from the land registry cadastre directorate about whether it is suitable for citizenship.

Before this, a few details should be considered.

In order for the property to be eligible for citizenship, it must not be purchased from a foreign seller. Otherwise, he / she cannot apply for citizenship.

Their children must be under the age of 18 in order to benefit from citizenship; If there is a family member over the age of 18, he / she can apply for citizenship by purchasing real estate in order to apply for Turkish citizenship.

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